Monthly Archives: December 2014

Importance of press conference as a tool of public relations

A press conference is one of the most commonly used and potent tool to advance the cause of an organization and gain coverage in newspapers, magazines, blogs and on TV news broadcasts. Rather than setting up interviews with individual reporters or sending out press releases, press conferences allow an entity to interact with a roomful of journalists all at once and thus is an effective way to quickly disseminate public relation messages. Continue reading

5 great ways to shoot up employee motivation at workplace

Motivated employees are one of the most powerful driving forces behind an organization’s business success – there is absolutely no denying to it. Employee motivation at workplace, works like a lubricant which helps the machinery inside a vehicle work at its optimum level. Motivated employees see themselves as stakeholders in the success of their organization and hence align their actions to increase their respective organization’s productivity and competitiveness. Continue reading