3 SEO tips to outsmart and rule Google

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips to outsmart the ever evolving and ever changing Google has been out there since the internet revolution and Google’s emergence as the undisputed king of search engines. SEO techniques which seem to work at one given time will soon become outdated with Google’s introduction of new algorithms. Therefore, to ensure a constant flow of web traffic and thus gain business success, a dynamic approach to SEO has hence become a necessity.

3 seo tips

However, the important question arises, are there any Google’s frequent algorithm changes proof SEO techniques? Here are 3 possible ways:

Tip No. 1: Content was the king, is still now and should remain one
By making the above statement, I would like to pull your attention towards the very basic origin and existence of Google the search engine. Why Google’s makers created Google at the first place? The answer is simple, to help people search and find their most relevant content! So as long as you have relevant and unique content on your website, Google should always remain your trusted friend.

For those of you, wondering “What is the right content strategy to rank well on Google?”, here is a article on Socialmedia today which I found quite good, 10 Tips for Writing Content that Ranks.

Tip No. 2: Offline marketing still holds on its own
Google as an online entity has little say on your offline activity. So why not resorting to some good old offline marketing methods? For example, an eye catching poster or brochure with your website on it, will surely increase the amount of web traffic you receive. Also, a low cost ad on your local newspaper or classified is a great idea too.

Here are some great offline marketing tips published on designyourway – 20 Offline Marketing Tips.

Tip No. 3: Gain that unfair advantage with PPC campaigns
In today’s scenario, Pay per click (PPC) campaigns hold an essential place in any online marketing strategy. Google’s own PPC product “Google Adwords” has been one of its major revenue sources since its launch; also, the growing popularity of Facebook and LinkedIn advertising means that PPC advertising is here to stay. Being a money making channel for Google, Adwords will always remain a darling for it. However, it is imperative to understand that without an expert and experienced PPC manager, the whole campaign might get derailed and cause significant amount of monetary loss.

The above mentioned SEO tips to rule Google, being leveraged as part of a good mix of online and offline marketing strategy will certainly bring positive results.


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