5 great ways to shoot up employee motivation at workplace

Motivated employees are one of the most powerful driving forces behind an organization’s business success – there is absolutely no denying to it. Employee motivation at workplace, works like a lubricant which helps the machinery inside a vehicle work at its optimum level. Motivated employees see themselves as stakeholders in the success of their organization and hence align their actions to increase their respective organization’s productivity and competitiveness.

motivation at workplace, motivating employees in the workplace,However, if somehow this evil creeps in an organization, here are five effective ways to deal with it:

Encouraging ‘bottom to top communication’
Organizations typically prefer ‘top to bottom communication’ which means top management communicating to employees while ignoring ‘bottom to top communication’ meaning employees to top management communication which is equally vital. Encouraging ‘bottom to top communication’ with the help of surveys, suggestion boxes, team meetings and anonymous email can help an organization get insight into their employee’s mindset, their concerns and expectations. More importantly once known, this concerns and expectations should be addressed quickly and in the best possible manner.

Let employees tell their own storiesEmployee motivation at workplace | how to motivate employees in the workplace

Encouraging employees to tell their own stories on what they are doing to support company strategies and business goals is a great way to foster employee motivation. Dedicating an important section in the organization’s employee magazines and intranet can be an effective step in this regard.

Constant recognition

Constantly recognizing employees’ good work will encourage them to keep doing it and go a long way in boosting their morale. The recognized staff will serve as a motivation for others to do well too. Employees need to be affirmed that they are a valued part of the organization and their continued good work is vital for the organization’s success.

Encourage and support learning

Organizations can motivate employees to achieve more by encouraging and supporting continuous enhancement of employee skills. Soft skills and specific skill based training programs are an increasingly popular and effective way to bring about growth in employee knowledge and motivation. Often, these programs improve employees’ attitudes toward the client and the company, while bolstering self-confidence.

Helping employees gain a work-life balance

Economic uncertainties, like inflation or downturns are forcing employees to increase Motivation at workplace, motivation in workplace, workplace motivation,their working hours and meet tighter deadlines. Employees are struggling to maintain a decent work-life balance leading to frustration and stress – both detrimental to their productivity and morale. That is why smart organizations have brought in flexible employee arrangements in the form of programs like flextime, condensed workweeks and job sharing; allowing their employees to not only carry out their work responsibilities in a perfect manner but also meet the demands of their private lives. This most certainly will contribute to increase and sustain employee motivation at workplace.

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