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Future of print media – Is there a question on it?

Starting the day, while reading the newspaper over a hot cup of tea, has been a set routine for millions. Apart from giving its readers an extensive coverage of the latest news and state of affairs in varied fields like polity, economy, stock market, sports, entertainment and weather, print media remains an important determinant of public opinion. Continue reading

How to write crime stories in newspapers – the right ingredients

Crime stories always seem to have an unmistakable presence in our newspapers. They usually generate an enormous amount of interest among the general public; and no newspaper enterprise dares to ignore them. However, carrying crime news has to be done with utmost care. Poorly written crime news can easily attract trouble in the form of defamation cases and criticism directed against the newspaper entity. Continue reading

Precautions for writing allegations in India

Right to Freedom is one of the 6 fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution of India. Article 19 of the constitution provides freedom of speech which is the right to express one’s opinion freely without any fear through oral, written, electronic, broadcasting or print medium.

Precautions for writing allegations in India

However, this freedom of expression should be exercised with utmost maturity and care. Cases on abuse of this freedom are plenty; often used to hurl allegations on one’s opponent with ulterior motives. Continue reading

Review of an educational television program (ETV)

Television programs as a medium for education in distance learning courses have not only been an effective tool but have turned out to be very popular too.

Educational Television ProgramI have decided to review one such education program being aired on in India and following are the details: Continue reading