Meaning and definition of communication

Communication is the process of giving information or of making emotions or ideas known to someone.

Various definitions of communication

Define communicationMany have attempted to define the process of communication; however, there has been no consensus on any single definition. Hovland, Janis & Kelley define communication as “A process where people (communicator) sending stimulus in purpose to change or to make behavior of other people”; while according to Alexander Gode “Communication is a process which make something which belong to one person become belong to 2 persons or more”. Merriam-webster defines it as “Exchange of information between individuals through a common system of signs, symbols, or behavior”.

Fundamentals remain the same

Definition of CommunicationThus, there is quite a variance in the way communication is defined. Nevertheless, all forms of communication require the same fundamental elements: a speaker or sender of message, the message in itself, and an audience or recipient. Also, it is imperative for the sender and recipient to share a common language or means of understanding each other, if the process of communication is to be successful.

Communication: now and then

Digital communicationCommunications is not static act as earlier definitions suggest but it is a dynamic process of action and interaction towards a desired goal, as suggested by later definitions. Enabled by rapidly advancing technologies the nature of communication has undergone a revolutionary change in the last 2 decades —and the change continues to unfold. The major driving forces being the Internet and the cell phone. Unlike earlier days, when in order to write to someone, a paper, a pen, an envelope and a postage stamp were needed, which was followed by the long-time gap of several days for the recipient to receive the letter; today’s communication is prompt and instantaneous with just a push of a button. In reality in today’s world, very few reasons exist for someone to remain out of touch.


However, the essence of communication remains the same and hence the meaning and definition of communication can be safely concluded as “The process of exchange of information between two or more people through verbal or non-verbal means”.

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